Christian Druidry

Preserving the traditions of old for the disciples of today!

Christian Druidry

Christian druidry - what the heck is that supposed to be? I can almost see both my Christian and my druid brothers and sisters frowning in disbelief.

Isn't druidry all about witchcraft, the occult, reincarnation, esoteric practices, talking with the dead, believing in many gods and so on? In short: satanism? Aren't druids just sects?

Well, I am a believing and professing Christian and I condemn all of the above. And yet - druidry is way more than that and offers doors that might be shut for others. It can nourish my Christian faith even more through its deep love for and bond with the nature, through its spirituality (Christians might call that contemplation), through its simple life and also through its devotion to simple, selfless, loving and sharing community life (which does not mean that druids always live in communities, but they sure love to meet with others and share their love for the nature, for one another and for something higher than ourselves - God).

How come we call those whom we do not understand "sects"? Wasn't Christianity nothing more than a "sect" in its beginning? I am mature in my Christian faith and I am neither joining a sect nor practicing anything occult.

You even found traces of that in Christian history: take Saint Francis for example. We all still love him, especially for his love for the nature and for the animals, his selfless care for the poor and needy and his simple and down-to-earth life. Druids do no less.

How about we all go away from our tunnel vision and open our horizon to admire God's creation and creatures and worship God in a much deeper and closer way than ever before?

Pax et bonum (peace and good things - the Franciscan greeting)


What does Christian druidism mean to you?

(from a facebook group)

"To me it is a spiritual path that recognizes the sacred energy found in all of nature. It is a path where I see God as part of all things and all things are sustained by God. I honor the earth, my ancestors, and the various spirits of nature forged by God to act as care takers of nature. I follow the spiritual teachings of Jesus and believe that He did indeed die for mankind's freedom. For me Christian Druidry is all about honoring Gods creation and working with the energy of the earth while living a spiritual life devoted to Christs message of love."

"My family practiced the Roman Catholic faith when I was growing up. I found Druidism as a better fit for me when I felt a connection to nature in my quest creating my personal foundation in my own spirituality. I also embrace Buddhism. I struggled to merge my belief systems together (Roman Catholic and Druidism with a touch of Buddhism)-- and found myself using this term to describe what I believe in when people ask me!"

"Nature offers as a wonderful way to communicate and experience God through His creation. He becomes present in any and every living thing. Nature helps us to find the core of ourselves - which is nothing less than the God of the universe - and helps us focus on what is truly important. In nature we can also connect with God through deep contemplation and mediation and free ourselves from all unneccesary baggage."

"A Druid can only answer such a question for one person... themself. That answer can never be truly duplicated, because every soul is unique, every experience truly a direct connection between Nature and the Divine Presence.... Indeed, Nature and the Divine Presence unified in One interactive co-existence. Each of us experiences it in that experience... and while the experience itself is a compilation of all of us together, we understand it only in our one part of it. The Branch understands it is comes out of the Vine, but does it understand that it is also the Viine, and does it understand that other Branches are also the same Vine? We are limited in our understanding, let the Divine enlighten us as to our limitations and our transcendence."

"Druidry is a vital and dynamic nature spirituality that is flourishing all over the world. It unites our love of the Earth with our love of creativity and the arts.

Flowing through all the exciting new developments in modern Druidism is the power of an ancient tradition: The love of the Land, Sky and Sea - The love of the Earth, our home."